Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Fun With Exercise!

Remember this? Well, just about fifteen minutes ago, my dog ran away. AGAIN. I had opened the front door to investigate a sound when Wish, being rather small, ran through the doorway and out into the night. With a rather lot of cussing on my part, I followed, (after slipping on some shoes) I chased him for about ten minutes, and then some people passing by in a car had pity on me, and helped me round 'im up. Wasn't easy, trying to see a black dog in the dark, running through parts of the neighborhood that were not so safe. And yelling "Wish! Wishbone!" for the entire neighborhood to hear. At least it was only about twenty minutes. When he was younger, they were hour long chases. And now I am hot and exhausted. Bleh.

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