Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well, Blogger seems to be working for me now...kinda...in a weird sort of fashion, but at least it's working. Anyways, what's newsworthy? First off, my computer died, a problem with a corrupted hard drive and can't save anything that had been on it. Doesn't really make sense to pay for a new hard drive when I can get a new computer for just a bit more. But that's not gonna happen till the end of this week. In the meantime, I get use of my bro's computer...sporadically. When he's not home or is otherwise occupied. We got the puppy on Sunday, he is cute beyond belief, but pics won't be up till I have my own comp....oh, well. His name is Mariner (for the Mercury Mariner, the car my brother likes) and he'll be nine weeks old tomorrow, which is also when he's going to our vet. That should be fun....considering last week when I took my cats to the vet they peed in their carriers and got it all over themselves....yeah, anything would be an improvement over THAT. Thank goodness the cats only need go to the vet once a year. Well, that's all the current news I can think of, can't say when I'll next update...maybe when I have a new comp. Oh, and one last thing, all you northeners are gonna hate me for saying this but we no longer have a cold front...it's aboojut 75 here....and as my teacher said, one of the worst things is an 84 degree Thanksgiving. I LOVE FLORIDA.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Colds, Bookfairs, and Other Things

I know, haven't posted for a while. acually, right after my brother and I drove up to look at the puppies, I got a cold two days later, and I don't deal with colds well. I'm generally miserable and don't feel like doing anything. Thank goodness, it's almost gone now, except for a slightly stuffy nose and a cough, I'm doing pretty good. I actually caught the cold from my brother, who was sick, and we shared the driving....and sitting in a small enclosed space (namely the car) with someone who is sick for nine hours total is a pretty good gauruntee you'll get sick too.....
Yesterday I went to the Bookfair with my friend SS, and a friend of hers. It was lots of fun, I had a blast. Got 5 books, two of which I got signed by the authors there, which was cool. Also, the weather was awesome, it didn't go above 70 and it's supposed to be cool like that for the rest of this week. I LOVE this weather. Last winter was pretty warm, but this winter we've gotten at least two cold fronts. I just wish it would stay like this for the next couple of months, but we're lucky when it lasts a week.
A friend of mine will be coming down from Baltimore in December and I can't wait! Actually, this is the same friend I always stay by when I'm in Baltimore, so it'll be nice to be able to return the favor, and we'll be able to do lots of stuff. I'm hoping that we'll go to Disney...anyways, I gotta go now, have to run to class. Just wanted to post an update since I've been pretty neglectful lately. THough as I mentioned, unless you wanted to hear how miserable my cold made me, not much to tell....

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Puppies Puppies Puppies!!!!!

Yes, I know, I'm ridiculously hyper. I saw the puppies today!!!! They were SO CUTE!!!! I'll post some pictures up of them, and I just have to mention we're gonna be bringing one home in two weeks!!! YAY!!!!

The trip was good, my bro didn't drive me crazy at all (though I might have driven him a lil nuts with me being so hyper....) And the trip actually took more than I thought, about 9 hours total. I know, my family is nuts....anyways, here are some pics of the pups, enjoy!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Just a Few More Days....

Ok, I know I often talk about my brother, I live with him, I'm pretty close with him, but he has a tendency to drive me bonkers, that's what brother's do after all....problem is, he's 17, four years younger than me, but he often acts more like he's 7. And it's not that he has issues with long car rides, we've both done much longer car rides than a mere three and a half hours each way...but this time, for the first time, it's just the two of us, without my mother in the car. The good thing though is that since I'll be driving for the most part (he hates driving my car, but I'm hoping he'll take over some as well) there are parts where I will have to say, don't bother me I have to concentrate,and I know he WILL shut up then. That, and I went out and bought some things to keep him entertained. CDs, a movie, maybe even a book....whatever, anything that will keep his mouth shut. Maybe I should get duct tape too, just in case.....nah, I'm kidding, though I think during the trip I might be tempted.
I've been asked, why do we go to a breeder to get our dog, why not a shelter? We have several reasons not to get from a shelter, or a puppy store. Often times, pups that are in shelters came from something called a "puppymill" meaning that there was no pedigree involved, there is a good chance that later on the dog will develop problems, and get sick. By that point of course, the owner is too attached to the dog to bring it back and will spend thousands of dollars on vet bills. Secondly, with dogs in a shelter, you can't tell what their temperment will be like when you bring them home. Will they get along with the cats, will they be scared of everything they see, will they be aggresive towards everything and everyone, and those are not questions the people working at the shelters can answer. With a reliable breeder, they bring the puppies up by hand, make sure they're used to ppl and will get along with the family, they can pick out the pp most likely to get along with our family lifestyle, the pups are less likely to develop problems later on bec they have been bred from good lines with healthy bones. A reliable breeder will keep in touch with you, and you can always call them up to ask questions. Yes, it's a bit more money, but in my opinion it is totally worth it.
I think this answers a couple of questions, yes? If not, feel free to ask away, I'll answer the best that I can. Anyways, I got to go study for my test today, wish me luck!
FINAL NOTE: The last and probably biggest reason, *I* am not the one making the decision, not am I the one dishing out the money. My mother is. You have issues, take it to her, she'd be more than happy to explain why she'd rather go to a breeder than to a shelter.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lakewood, Voting and Puppies

Lakewood was interesting, though to quote my friend that I was staying by its also "one of the most messed up places ever." The weekend I was there, there was a chicken shortage, apparently no chicken to be found anywhere in Lakewood, which was to me amusing, to the people of Lakewood, rather less so. I went to the wedding, had a blast, got to see friends I hadn't seen in a year, and the friend I stayed by I hadn't seen in two years, since she got married as a matter of fact. All in all, a great time, though I have definetly decided I never want to move to Lakewood.
Today I'm going to go vote after my afternoon class, and hope that it doesn't take TOO long, I'd like to be able to get to my evening class on time. Luckily, the place where I vote is within walking distance so it should all be good.
And on Sunday I'm going up to Tampa with my brother to look at the puppies. No, we're not bringing one home yet, they're only six weeks old, can't leave their mother till they're eight weeks. So two weeks after that, we'll be bringing one home. I can't wait to see them, so excited about that. However, the one thing I am most certainly NOT excited about, is sppending 6 to 8 hours in the car with my brother.... I really hope he doesn't drive me too nuts.