Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Update on all the stuff I haven't been talking about

Thank goodness the semester is almost over. At this point I'm reading my anatomy book/ power-points, and feel like I'm reading Greek. Such as "The Hypophyseal Portal System and Blood Supply to the Pituitary System." Fortunately (or unfortunately) the test is on Thursday and then I'm done with it. As long as I pass at least. Then, once that is out of the way, or perhaps even before that, we'll start moving into our new apartment. Exciting!! Then once we are done moving in (hopefully we should be done by then!) we're driving up to NY for shavuos and to pick up (some) of my husband;s 3000 books that are there. Yes, I did type three thousand, that is not an extra zero. He has a LOT of books, way more than I do, although I believe some of our books overlap. In any case, we plan on getting lots of bookcases to put all of them, which should be fun. Oh, and before I forget, I went with my husband, and saw How to Train Your Dragon and it was awesome. Makes me want a dragon of my own. (Though when haven't I?) Pity we didn't get to see it in 3-D, but otherwise it was fantastic, both in the plot and the animation. The dragons were if not instantly lovable, certainly made so later on. The movie took you into it and carried you off. Lots of fun for all. Anyways, I'm going to go back to studying now, and will hopefully update again soon!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Biking is Fun, Workouts are fun, and I'm Wiped!

Today we got my husband a new bike. I got a bike last week as my "afikomen present". Right after he got the bike, we went biking, all around the neighborhood and a nearby park, fortunately the weather was perfect for it. We biked 10 miles total, which was an accomplishment for me, who had never biked more than 2 miles before! On our way back, I managed to fall off the bike, and almost went flying. Adding new bruises to the fading ones from the last time I went biking. I am obviously not the most coordinated of individuals. Later, after taking a break from biking, I went over to CJ's to exercise. Then, when I got back, I exercised again with my husband. I am SO wiped.