Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm in New Jersey!

I got in a few hours ago and now am using my aunt's computer for this update, I know, I've not been updating as of late, but hacven't had much to say. Lessee...I learned how to play hearts (the card game) lost the first game miserably because most of my attention was on a psychology textbook (not my own, CJ's sister's) the next day i played again and won because the textbook wasn't in front of me.
So tomorrow I'm going to Lakewood, and going to see one of my roommates for the first time since she got married, which was two years ago almost! Looki8ng forward to seeing her and one of my other roomie who will be there for shabbos. And I have decided that I am SO glad I don't live up north, I am FREEZING here. I'm glad I'm only up here a few days, I don't think I'd be able to stand a lot longer of this! Anywaysm just making up for my lack of posts and once i have a computer again. I'll update on how the wedding was adnd my impressions of Lakewood.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Or Not....

Apparently we're NOT going up to North Carolina this weekend. It appears that the woman was advertising herself as something other than the actual deal, so our plan fell through. On the other hand, next week , G-d willing, my mother and brother will be going up to a breeder in Tampa to look at puppies. No, we won't e getting one right away, they can't generally leave the mother till they are 8 weeks old, and these puppies will only be four weeks old. I will not be going because I will be in New Jersey and going to a friend's wedding. Oh, and it was not wet during succos, except for a bit of drizzle here and there, the weather was gorgeous with a nice breeze and not unbearably hot, thank goodness for that. The sukkah was only wet the first night, we had a gigantic puddle in the sukkah, but it pretty much disappeared by the second day.
And while driving today, I have decided for perhaps the millionth time, that people can't drive.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Ok...maybe that's not the most mature response I could have had...but guess what? I don't really care. That was my response this afternoon when my mother called me and told me that we would be driving up to NC to look at PUPPIES!!!!!! English Golden Retriever puppies! I'm SO excited! On my way home I had a hard time keeping a big stupid grin off my face and if I hadn't been driving at the time, I would have been hopping around like a demented bunny. Have I mentioned I'm REALLY excited? Oh, and it looks like tonight, the first night of sukkos, will be rainy....sigh, I hate sitting in wet sukkahs...
And shockingly, my brother is spending the first two days of sukkos by one of his rebbeim. I am speechless.

Monday, October 06, 2008

I got a hairbrush stuck...

in my hair, and I had to have it in all shabbos. And then, after shabbos it took 6 hours to get it out of my hair, because my mother refused to cut my hair. I never want to smell olive oil again. I had it in my hair, and after a while, I got REALLY sick of the smell. How did a hairbrush get stuck in my hair? My mother was trying to blowdry it, but she used this small round brush, that was a little bit odd...and it didn't really work with my it was stuck in my hair for about a total of 30 hours...I don't think I'll ever use a round brush again, at least, not without a professional hairdresser weilding it. The last time I got a hairbrush stuck in my hair (yes, it happened before, but this time at least, it wasn't my fault) My mother just chopped it off, because it was right before carpool came for school, and I was only 8. Wouldn't have had the patience for her to work on my hair. Hopefully, never again. And I'll make sure not to have those brushes in my house so that my kids don't tdo that, because unlike my mother, I'm not sure I have that much patience!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Rosh Hashanah

Yeah, I know, I haven't blogged in a few days, but there's not been much to blog about. How was Rosh Hashanah? Fine, I got rained on, but otherwise it was good. Oh wait, my favorite lines over Rosh Hashanah:
"I never want th hear a New Yorker complain about going out in the rain {in New York} again!" - CJ, as we were walking back to her house during a thunderstorm.
"Ha! I know what facebook is and you don't! I'm hip and cool!" - my mother to my step-father. She actually had no idea what facebook was until 2 that afternoon when I had told her about it.
And having my brother not home for Rosh Hashanah felt weird, but otherwise I was perfectly happy with that. And he won't be home for Shabbas either, he'll be spending it on the Beach (Miami Beach) for a friend's bar mitzvah. Not much else to report....anyways, will blog when I can actually think of something. I know I thought of some over Rosh Hashanah, but now I can't recall a single one! Oh well, that's the way it always is.