Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting Married TOMORROW!!!!

I can not believe that I am getting married tomorrow. At random intervals it hits me how close the wedding is and how much my life is going to change. I am giddily happy and excited and cannot convey this enough through the mere medium of writing. Unfortunately, won't be able to blog on the wedding day since my computer is in the process of being fixed, and I am currently using my mother's. We're going up to NY for the last 4 Sheva Brachos on Thursday and our last Sheva Bracha is going to be on Purim. That should be lots of fun! :) Of course, then we get back and I have to take an anatomy test and a Hebrew test. Not so fun, but not going to worry about it the day before my wedding. If you have any names you want me to daven for, just leave it in my comments, or shoot me an e-mail.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wedding and Cold

I'm getting married in a week and have a very bad cold. NOT fun. I spent the past 2 days in bed, and should be in bed now, but I am so sick of sleeping...not to mention my bridal shower was today which was what got me up in the first place. Now comes the week of rushing around and getting ready, but first I have to get better. I think I'm about ready to crawl into bed and sleep some more.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Synthetic Sheital

I doubt whoever wrote this joke was thinking of sheitals....but still funny when put that way. Enjoy!

GCF: Who Did Your Hair?

"Good heavens! Who did your hair? It looks like a wig!"

"It is a wig."

"Really? You could never tell."