Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Life with a Toddler and Preschooler

 It's gotten so much more lively around here now that CB can walk. She loves to follow YE everywhere, and they are constantly hugging and playing. And of course the inevitable fights over "MINE!". Because what sibling relationship is complete without it?

  Personality-wise they are...I wouldn't say nothing alike, because they are both sweet and sensitive, but while YE is more of an introvert, CB is an all out extrovert. I've had so many people comment on it. It's kind of hard to miss when she has a tendency to leap from my arms into a complete strangers. Or wander over just to give a hug. YE, while friendly and always willing to give a big "Hi!", is not in the same league.

  And now I have a whole lot less time for blogging. In fact, I can hear CB (AKA Munchkin) saying "Mommmy, Mommmy!" right now.