Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Shidduch Blogosphere

My husband, perusing the blogosphere, exclaimed, "Why are there still so many shidduch blogs?! We're married, that should be the end of it!" I laughed, and asked him, " Really? The shidduch crisis should end just cause we're married?" "Yes!"
Now clearly, he wasn't being serious, but it made me think. There seem to be, to me at least, both more and less shidduch blogs out there. More; because I have found some shidduch blogs that cropped up since we've gotten married; such as: Masculine Jew, Stuck in shidduchim, and Life after Stern College. Then there are the bloggers who've gotten married such as Bas melech, the Babysitter, and Frum N' Flipping. Of course, my blog never really counted among the shidduch blogs, because I didn't really date...and of course I ended up meeting my husband through our blogs, so it never really mattered. But sometimes, reading these blogs makes me look at my cooing little son and wonder what he's in for twenty-something years down the road. A while to go, I know, but still, it does makes one think...