Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I'm pregnant again :) Haven't really been telling people, even though I'm almost 5 months along. This time I haven't gained as much weight (eating a lot less than last time, then I had pigged out) and wearing much looser clothes, so it's not as obvious. For the past 2-3 nights I've been dreaming about babies. In one, I was going to the doctor to have my baby. But I had 2 babies in me, but one of them wasn't due for a few months after, so i would give birth to one now, and then one later. In the dream it made perfect sense; in reality...that's a different matter. The other dream I can recall, I was delivering babies. Not my own, other women's. I was a midwife or something and I literally had a line of women waiting for me to deliver their babies. And the babies came out all nice and clean and pink. No blood or anything. One of the boy babies started peeing everywhere as soon as it was born and I had to yell for a diaper. There was a third dream, but I can't recall it at the moment.
 Watching a neighbor's toddler right now, he's about a month younger than YE, but it's nice that they're so close in age and YE has someone to play with. Even if the other child does keep stealing YE's cookies. On another note, I can't believe YE is already a toddler, and he'll be 18 months in just 2 weeks. Time just flies by, doesn't it? As an example; we like to take him to B&N, and he loves to go to the children's section to play with the trains. As he was walking over there, he made a detour into one of the aisles, picked up a book that was on the floor and put it back on the shelf! It's so cute to see him do that!! He is also very into cars, trains, trucks, motorcycles...pretty much anything with wheels on it. He is SUCH a boy.
Okay, I think I've run out of things to say (for now). I'll post again, though I'm not sure when. Hopefully the posts will be closer together than they have been. Thanks for not giving up on me!