Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Week in NYC

Okay, so I haven't been here quite a week, i'm leaving tomorrow, but I figured why not update? I actually didn't do much this past week. I saw a movie with my aunt the day after I came into NY, the movie was Sweeney Todd. No idea WHY I agreed to see that, I hate horror movies and I was afraid I would end up with nightmares after that. I didn't thank g-d, but I have had some very srange dreams this week. The next day I went to B&N to meet a friend, who I saw for all of 10 minutes because she was busy researching for a paper. After that I went to the Museum of Natural History with my friend CJ (who I'm staying by) and the museum has an exhibit with DRAGONS!!!!!! That made me very happy as you can imagine, and I bought a book on Dinosaurs for my dad. The next day we went to see a Broaday show (we saw Chicago). Actually we went out to lunch with a couple of other friends first, after we got the tickets for the show. Lots of fun! Next day was Friday, hung out in the apartment and watched a movie until we left for my aunts for shabbos. Shabbos was nice and relaxing, after shabbos we went to another friends and watched a movie and then went back to the apartnment. Today, we just hung out and relaxed,which was very nice. Actually, currently not relaxing at all. CJ's roomie is acting crazy and I'm having fun watching her torment CJ. Will post more after I get home.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

New York, Here I Come!!

Okay, so I mentioned in a previous post that I'm going to NY for a week. My flight is tomorrow afternoon. In any case, I'm not sure whether or not I'll be blogging while I'm there. I can try, but no guarantees. I'm very much looking forward to it, but not so much to the cold, I prefer warm weather, one of the reasons I like living in Florida. But, anyways, I get to see some friends and have fun, and am really looking forward to it.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Favorite Authors

Since I really have absolutley NOTHING to blog about at the moment, I decided that instead, I'll make a list of some of my favorite author's and their books (or series)

1. Terry Pratchett - Discworld Series - it is, in my opinion at least, one of the BEST series out there. Incredibly funny, yet thought provoking as well. Satire on almost anything that you can imagine. Some of my favorite books in the series: Thud!, Going Postal, Moving Pictures, Jingo, Weird Sisters, and Reaper Man. Another book I like that is a collaboration between him and Neil Gaiman is Good Omens.

2. Tamora Pierce - She has several series: Song of the Lioness (4 books), The Immortals (4 books), Protector of the Small (4 books), Trickster's Choice & Trickster's Queen, Beka Cooper (3 books). These series are all set in Tortall. And the other set of series is The Circle of Magic, The Circle Opens, and The Circle Reforged. I love all her books, both series.

3. Jim Butcher - The Dresden Files- wizardry in the real world, solving mysteries and using magic. Now that's my kind of thing!

4. Robert Asprin - Myth Adventures and Phule's Company. Myth adventures is pure fantasty, while Phule's Company is Pure Science Fiction. He is incredibly funny, with lovable characters. He also collaborates for some of his Myth Adventures books with Jody Lynne Nye.

5. Anne McCaffrey - The Dragon Riders of Pern - while this is completely Science Fiction, it includes dragons, so as you can guess, I absolutely love it. Faves: All the Weyrs of Pern, Dragon Flight, Dragon Quest, the White Dragon.

6. Eoin Colfer - Artemis Fowl - a mix of fantasy and science fiction, it's a nice balance, while it's written for kids and is in the children's section, it's still immensly enjoyable. A criminal mastermind (who is only 12 years old) gets one over the fairies so he can get their gold.

7. Mercedes Lackey - Valdemar and Dragon Qaurtet (Joust, Alta, Sanctuary, Aerie) - Fantasy that includes talking horses and magic, the dragon books, I think are self explanatory. I am so there. Faves: All four dragon books, Arrows of the Queen, Take a Thief, Exile's Valor, Exile's Honor.

8. Diana Wynne Jones - a lot of books - complete fantasy writer, her books are very often confusing, until the end when everything becomes clear, and if everything isn't clear, you should read the book again. Even if you DID understand it, read it again, and you'll see things you missed the first time.

9. Eric Flint - 1632 and the books after that - I've only read the first book, but I have the others and really like it so far. Basically: send a town of West Virginia from the 21st Century to Germany in the middle of the 30 Year War. Like it says on the back "Freedom and Justice - American Style"

10. JRR Tolkien - The Lord of the Rings - I love those books, though wasn't thrilled with the movies.

11. Alexander Dumas - The Three Musketeers - One of the best books of all time. Definetly deserved to become a classic.

12. H.G. Wells - The Time Machine, War of the Worlds - both excellent books, though Time Machine was a bit depressing at the end.

13. Jules Verne - Around the World in Eighty Days, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Also two very good books

14. Isaac Asimov - I, Robot - incredible book, loved it the first time I read it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Er...I did say I would be updating more frequently didin't I? Heh, oops. Well, there hasn't been much to say in all honesty. I went to two wedding showers on Sunday for girls from my BY class and then I went and spent two days by my grandmother. I have a very close relationship with my Grandma since I am her oldest grandchild, and the only who can come up really frequently to stay overnight. Not to mention that I like to go up also because she buys me books or clothes, but it's enjoyable to spend time with her. Even if some of that time is spent trying to explain to her why religious Jews do certain things. Oh well.
Basically, what I'm trying to say is that nothing has really come up for me to talk about. Except that I'm going to NY in less than a week and I'll be there for a week. YAY!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Black and White

There are some people that see situations, things and people, only in black and white, good or bad. Most of us, I believe, see everything in shades of gray. Those who see in only black and white are at the one and same time both limited and free. While they might not see the reason for a "necessary evil" or they might not see another person's point of view in a conflict, they also see clearer in a way. But when a perso sees all the shades of gray, how people can be good and bad at the same time, it's a bit more confusing. Take me and my brother for example. My brother is one of those people who sees everything in black and white, it's either good or it's bad, there is no grey area, no overlapping. If this person did something bad, then they're bad all the way through. Whereas I see it, that yes, this person did something bad, but that doesn't mean that there is no good him.

What brings this whole topic up? I found out something very personal that really affected me, but I can never tell my brother, because of his "black and white" view. He would lose all respect for the person involved. So, it's a little hard for me, but I don't think I ever will tell him.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Finished the Semester!

Yay!!!!! I took my last final this morning and I am now DONE for the semester! Woot! I have a three week break before my next semester begins. I'm going to NY for a week to visit some friends,and I get lots of relaxing time.
On a completely unrelated note, I am having a blast watching my kitten try to eat her collar while she's wearing it. I got her a new colla and made it a little loose on her so she could grow into it. The thing is that now she can see the little pink tag on it, as well a s the bell and she keeps trying to eat them, its really funny to watch.
Let's see, what else....I'm going to a chanukah party tonight at my high school principle's house and a lot of my highschool classmates will be there. Well maybe not a lot, but a few. And on Sunday I have two bridal showers to go to, both in the same area thankfully and are an hour apart. One at 10:30, the other at 11:30, like I said, thank goodness they're in the same area.
Um...anything else? Not really...anyways, hopefully more updates more frequently...for the next three weeks at least.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Here's a very good way to get exercise...

Chase the dog for six or seven blocks on a Friday afternoon. That's what I did on Friday anyway. See, I took him to the groomer and then when I cam eback to pick him up, he DID NOT want to go in the car. Since his collar was a little bit loose, when he backed up, it just went over his head, and off he went. I went after him, managing to keep him in sight, but every time I got close he would run. (He was stopping at every bush to "mark" it.) Finally, I got him cornered be hind a house and got the collar on, and tightened it, so he couldn't slip out, and then I had to walk back all six blocks. Fortunately, once the dog had started running,i had called my mother and she was on the main street, so I picked him up and shoved him in her car, went back home and put up my feet. They HURT. I was not wearing shoes for any kind of running and I don't ususally do that kind of sprinting. My shins hurt all day yesterday, but Baruch Hash-m I am doing much better today. Soooo, yeah, I had LOTS of fun on Friday.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

And Now...

For a lecture on Florida Weather. Typically, in most of the US of A, there are four seasons, yes?

Well, in Florida there are three. These are: Wet Season, Dry Season, and Hurricane Season. The Wet Season begins around April and continues till mid October, during this time there are many thunderstorms, quick pouring showers that go off and on throught the afternoon, and general humidity. Then after the Wet Season the Dry season begins. All the grass becomes withered, and the broadcasters start predicting a drought (they do this EVERY year by the way, you'd think they'd learn better by now). And finally, there is Hurricane Season, which starts June 1 and ends November 31. Fortunately, the last couple of years there have been no hurricanes that hit Florida, from either coast, and it would be nice to think that that trend would continue, though I sincerely doubt that.

So, JDJ, when you come down to Miami, I really don't think you'll encounter much rain....unless you go the Everglades, then you might.

This post brought to you by: NOT WANTING TO STUDY FOR FINALS

Monday, December 03, 2007

Mittens: Then and Now

Well, my kitten is growing up. She was so little when we first brought her in! The picture on top was taken when she was proabably 5-6 weeks old, and the bottom picture was taken today. Right after I took the picture she went and bopped Boots (her mother) on the nose and then chased behind the table. Like most adolescents, she doesn't get along with her mother.
Basically this is a filler post until I come up with something real (probably after I finish my finals) My first final is tonight. Wish me luck!