Thursday, December 10, 2015


They are the bane of my existence. Every time one of my kids see the bottles, they act excited. Can we go outside and blow bubbles? PLEASE? And every time I say yes, the same thing happens, without fail. We go out, I blow bubbles (and/or one of the kids does) and before 10 minutes is up, the bubble bottle gets spilled (or dumped) all over the floor. End of scene. And I tell myself that we are NEVER doing this again. Even so, every few months, I think THIS time it will be different. Maybe THIS time.

Monday, November 23, 2015


Either accept us for who we are, or accept us not at all. However, be warned, if you choose to not accept us that it is your folly and will lead to your downfall. For today, we rise up and fight against what has been pressed upon us for too long. Enough! We say, we will make our own destinies and forge our own path, no longer oppressed and beaten down. No longer to be told that we are worthless, that our only worth lies in what we can do for others. Our worth lies in WHO WE ARE. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Playing at the park

About once a week or so, I try to take the kids to the park. However, at this point, they outnumber me so it can be an exercise in frustration. YE runs off one way, CB runs off the other, and now I have decide who to chase first. Recently it's gotten a little easier as they've gotten bigger and are able to climb around without my constant supervision, which means I can actually sit on a bench for a moment and catch my breath. That is, until CB notices I'm not right behind her and searches for me. Then she demands, "Mommy, come!" As if she is incapable of going down the slide unless I am watching her. Every time we go, the kids try something new. Sometimes it doesn't work, but sometimes it does. It's always exciting to see them master a new skill. So even if the park can be a little irritating, it is worth it.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Freedom Vs. Safety

   Freedom. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? A word that holds such promise, that beckons to you and envelops you with assurance that it can do no wrong. The question is, how much freedom? And at what cost, to an individual or society as a whole? Now, I'm sure you're saying, "What's wrong with you, freedom is great! You wouldn't be able to write this blog without freedom!" I totally agree with you, freedom is a marvelous thing. The question then is not the reduction of freedom, but the expansion.

    I have this "argument" with my husband every so often. His position is that freedom should be extended to everything. Borders? Who needs 'em? Laws? Who needs 'em? He is, in fact, all for the idea of anarchy (or possibly tyranny with him as the tyrant, but that is not the point of this post). My position, is that people value their safety above their freedom. The safety of themselves, and their families, to have a safer community, is worth sacrificing a little freedom.If given a choice between having more laws that will protect them, or less laws that mean more freedom, but less safety, people will prefer safety first.

    Another example, but one that has nothing to do with bodily harm, is the freedom of ideas. We have a law about intellectual property, the laws of patents. My husband's opinion is that ideas should be free for everyone, that there should be no restrictions in place to prevent the sharing of ideas. My side however (and most people who he shared this idea with) is that patents is a good thing, because then there would be no motivation for people to come up with ideas if they can't profit off them, it's for their own safety and security.

     A perfect illustration for both sides of this debate is Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. Both were geniuses ahead of their time. However, Edison went ahead and patented the ideas (some of which were actually Tesla's) and became wealthy, while Tesla never patented any, and died in poverty.
So, my question: Which do you value more? And at what cost?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's been so long I don't even know where to begin....
Well, how about the fact that I have a computer? Josh got me a new one for channukah, and after over a year or more without one, I gottta say, it's nice having a keyboard again! What happened to my old computer you ask? Um...let's just say my klutz skills managed to make themselves apparent once again whilst I was attempting to clear our table. I managed to spill an almost full cup of water all over the keyboard of the laptop. So that was the end of that. We debated whether I actually needed a new computer, and came to the conclusion that since I had a smartphone (and a tablet) another computer wasn't exactly needed. I could always use our desktop in the backroom or my husband's laptop. So that worked...and then we moved YE to the backroom and my husband needs to take his computer to work. So a new computer for me. Hooray!

I'm also looking for a job, preferably working from home as a writer, editor, hopefully I'll be posting more and trying to bulk up on my writing and get this writer's block out of the way. That's all for now, gotta go pick up YE from school.