Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Playing at the park

About once a week or so, I try to take the kids to the park. However, at this point, they outnumber me so it can be an exercise in frustration. YE runs off one way, CB runs off the other, and now I have decide who to chase first. Recently it's gotten a little easier as they've gotten bigger and are able to climb around without my constant supervision, which means I can actually sit on a bench for a moment and catch my breath. That is, until CB notices I'm not right behind her and searches for me. Then she demands, "Mommy, come!" As if she is incapable of going down the slide unless I am watching her. Every time we go, the kids try something new. Sometimes it doesn't work, but sometimes it does. It's always exciting to see them master a new skill. So even if the park can be a little irritating, it is worth it.

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