Monday, May 31, 2010

Story: Prisoners

Haven't posted in a while, but not in the mood to type up a whole post now. Instead, I'm gonna post a lil something I wrote a while ago. Hope you enjoy!

As the submarine slowly sank into the water, and then under, I stared out the porthole watching as the scenery turned from clear air to murky water. Fish swam by, completely unconcerned by the huge machine that had invaded their environment. Turning away from the port-hole, I turned to view what would be our home for who knew how long. It was dark, only slightly lit by a low hanging light, and almost completely empty, barring the beds.
I looked at my fellow passengers. Though at this point, fellow prisoners was a better term. None of us had planned to go on this journey, and we had all been thrown together by our captors. Why us, why this specific group of people, we still didn’t know, but I suspected we would by the time we arrived at our destination.
The man who stood closest to me, Charles Vermier, was a tall man, and looked to be in his early forties. Blond and blue eyed with strong features, he had a bearing that spoke of time spent in the Navy. He was quiet, and had barely spoken five words since he had found himself in our company. The strong, quiet brooding type I supposed.
Shrugging inwardly, I turned my eyes toward the petite red-head standing next to Charles, Violet Pren. She with the large blue eyes and full mouth, and rather put me in mind of a fragile china doll. What she brought to this group I had not the first idea, since she was a tiny delicate looking thing. Perhaps she had hidden depths that only our “employers” knew of. She seemed nervous and timid. Though given our situation, I couldn’t really blame her.
Across from her, leaning against a wall and looking entirely unconcerned was my brother, Merlin. Small, with dark curly hair a quick dark eyes, he put one in mind of the bird of his namesake. He appeared to be taking this entirely calmly, but I knew him better than that. Had it been just us, he would have not felt the need to put on a mask and would have been pacing back and forth in the small space we had been allotted, driving me crazy.
And then of course, there’s me, Osprey, the last of our little group. I glanced at my reflection from the porthole, also dark hair, but straight where Merlin’s was curly, and quite a bit longer. Dark brown eyes framed by long lashes with a sprinkling of freckles across my cheeks. Though I tried hard to appear calm on the outside, I feared I was failing miserably, for I could feel myself shaking. I’m not fond of enclosed spaces at the best of times, and this was a scenario out of my worst nightmare. We were trapped in a small space for an unspecified amount of time with complete strangers. We had no idea where we were going, had no way to contact the outside world. Who knew what our imprisoners had in mind for us? I drew in a deep breath, trying to calm myself down. That drew a sharp look from Merlin, he knew how I felt about enclosed spaces. Not that I was claustrophobic, I had just had…a bad experience with them. His eyebrows knotted in concern. I shook my head at him, I would be fine. Really. If I wasn’t….that didn’t bear thinking about.

Friday, May 21, 2010


So we've driven all the way to NY and just started packing my husband's books last night. The trunk of the car is already full, and there are still more books to pack! Plus we still need to pack his computer (his laptop in Miami crashed and burned, he's very upset about that) and all of his CD's. I can't wait to put them on the iPod he got me for my B-day. I think we're going to try to finish packing the rest of our stuff on Motzei Shabbos. Hopefully our luggage will still fit! Also while we've been here, my husband's been looking for something to bring back to Miami that only Brooklyn has. No luck so far. Any ideas?

Sunday, May 09, 2010


When I woke up this morning, my husband told me he was going to go out for a drive. Then, after I call him asking him to get breakfast since he's out (since at this point there are no dishes in our apartment) he calls me back saying he's rented a U-haul Cargo Van and we're going to move the dresser, 2 bookcases and recliner into the apartment ourselves. I was not entirely happy about it to say the least, but we did it in the end. My birthday is in three days, and very much looking forward to that, and then that evening we're driving up to NY for a week and a half. Lots to do!