Sunday, May 09, 2010


When I woke up this morning, my husband told me he was going to go out for a drive. Then, after I call him asking him to get breakfast since he's out (since at this point there are no dishes in our apartment) he calls me back saying he's rented a U-haul Cargo Van and we're going to move the dresser, 2 bookcases and recliner into the apartment ourselves. I was not entirely happy about it to say the least, but we did it in the end. My birthday is in three days, and very much looking forward to that, and then that evening we're driving up to NY for a week and a half. Lots to do!


The said...

He should have done what everyone else a few friends to help move stuff and then grab a pizza at Jerusalem.

Maybe a case of beer helps with the Miami heat and humidity!

MAK said...

Unfortunately neither of us know that many people to call! Would've been nice, but we got it all moved in the end. With a little help from one of the many nice couples in our building.