Thursday, December 14, 2006


This is the blog of, as it says, a frum girl in sunny south florida. A place to put down my thoughts, dreams, and yes, exclaim over how happy I am that my first term of college is over. I hope that any readers I have will enjoy, and would greatly appreicate if they would leave comments. Thank you, and now, my first post:

YAY! My first term at college is over! Finally! I just had my last final last night, and now I am free for the next three weeks! YES! Ok, enough exclamation points, I probably sound crazy. Speaking of crazy, my brother decided to call up the CAIR hotline and told the person that he "is a bird." Apparently, he also decided to e-mail the government with that info as well. Sometimes I really wonder about his sanity. Ok change that, MOST of the time I wonder about his sanity. At least he no longer says "I'm a hedgie, huff-chufff-quill." That stopped when the hedgehog died. :( I have to go to work now, so more later. TTFN!