Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Doctor visit

Yesterday was Little One's first visit to the doctor...unfortunately, I forgot the diaper bag at home and had nothing but the baby with us. We asked if they had extra diapers before we took his off...good thing. He was in the middle of pooping and pooped all over the table and got some on mommy. He then proceeded to pee all over himself...TWICE!! My dh and I started cracking up, and cleaned up. Fortunately, after that, the visit was uneventful, and amazingly Little One is already almost back to his birth weight! Just one oz away from it. Next time bringing the diaper bag no matter what!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are You Ready For This?

My father asked me this when I got pregnant, and again after the baby was born. It's been 6 days now, and my response is: Is ANYONE ever ready for parenthood? Really and truly? It's so unlike anything else, unlike any previous experience. You have this tiny creature who is reliant entirely upon you for his every need 24/7. And yet, when you look at him, it makes your heart melt, whether it's 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning. Our little boy came into the world via c-section on February 16, 2011, at 9 lbs. and 2 oz. He is so incredibly cute, and my husband and I are head over heels for him. What a blessing he is. Even though I'm getting nowhere near enough sleep, it's all worth it. I love him to pieces.