Monday, December 03, 2007

Mittens: Then and Now

Well, my kitten is growing up. She was so little when we first brought her in! The picture on top was taken when she was proabably 5-6 weeks old, and the bottom picture was taken today. Right after I took the picture she went and bopped Boots (her mother) on the nose and then chased behind the table. Like most adolescents, she doesn't get along with her mother.
Basically this is a filler post until I come up with something real (probably after I finish my finals) My first final is tonight. Wish me luck!


Sarah Rutti said...

good luck with finals. thanks for the update, she really has grown. Have a great week.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Good luck!

I'll be in Miami Beach this weekend for my best friends wedding. Hope its not going to rain :(

Bad4shidduchim(in exile) said...

Once I could name the breed, but in my old age I've forgotten. Anyway, those are my favorite type of cats!

MAK said...

They're Siamese, but not purebred, fortunately. Purebred Siamese tend to have bad personalities, but our kitties are as sweet as can be! (Sometimes. I have scars along my arm from when the kitten is not sweet.)