Sunday, April 11, 2010

Biking is Fun, Workouts are fun, and I'm Wiped!

Today we got my husband a new bike. I got a bike last week as my "afikomen present". Right after he got the bike, we went biking, all around the neighborhood and a nearby park, fortunately the weather was perfect for it. We biked 10 miles total, which was an accomplishment for me, who had never biked more than 2 miles before! On our way back, I managed to fall off the bike, and almost went flying. Adding new bruises to the fading ones from the last time I went biking. I am obviously not the most coordinated of individuals. Later, after taking a break from biking, I went over to CJ's to exercise. Then, when I got back, I exercised again with my husband. I am SO wiped.