Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cat in Heat? No More!

So I had Mittens spayed, she stayed over-night at the vet and I brought her home today. However, since whem I had brought her over she peed in her carrier and got it all over herself, I figured that on the way back, she coud wander around the car and hopefully she wouldn't be so miserable. I did that, though it didn't work quite as I hoped. First of all, she seemed to have a need to stay right near me, so she was either under my seat or by my feet (and the gas and brake pedal) and a couple of times she climbed up my skirt and onto my lap, so I had her claws digging into me as I was driving. So...yeah, that made for a very interesting drive, but I managed to get home with no mishaps and everything was good.


Mikeinmidwood said...

So you let her crawl on you after she peed on her self YUCK!

MAK said...

Eh heh, oops. Correction, I had dropped her off, they cleaned her and her cage, so she was pee-free. Though when Boots was sick, I made the mistake of putting her on my lap, while I drove literally 20 ft. to the next building, and she peed on me. That was an experience I would not care to repeat.