Thursday, June 26, 2008

Missing the Obvious

People are funny, sometimes it takes them a while to realize something that was obvious and in front of their nose all along. Take me for example, I'm pretty tall, 5'10" which is somewhat tall for a woman, and yet for a lot of people I'll have known them for a while an all of sudden I'll hear, "You're really tall, y'know that?" Yes, I do, but I don't "act" tall, I am very good at not acting tall, so good at it, that at times I can make myself practically invisible. But, back to the topic, it's amazing how often they don't see what would be obvious to one person, is compltely hidden to another. Partly it depends on what they consider to be "important." Whether it is or not, is up for debate. Whether it's seeing the big picture, or all the minute details, it's unbelievable how often the "obvious" remains unseen.


The Babysitter said...

that reminds me of when Avraham told Sara she's beautiful. So the question is, they were married the whole time. A-didn't he know before she was beautiful, B-why did he say it now. The answer is because, he didn't focus on it before, and now he realized it can pose a problem, by Avi Melach.

Anyways, so yea, it could be they knew you were tall before, just now something made them think of it, something reminded them. Or it came to a situation where it showed more.

It's not they were slow about it, its just subconsciously they knew, but nothing triggered the thought, till whatever happened that made them say it.

MAK said...

I realized a bit after the fact that that probably was not such a good example, but whenever it happens always strikes me as funny. I just couldn't think of what to change the example to.

The Babysitter said...

yea, I get what your saying.
I'm usually the one missing the obvious sometimes, its funny being on that side too especially when its a joke, cause then it makes the joke even better, cause it took longer to figure out.