Monday, June 23, 2008

The Meaning of Colors

We've all seen it, right? See certain colors, come to certain conclusions.

Red = Anger or agressiveness. Example: His faced turned red. Someone driving a red car (especially a sports car, is more likely to drive agressively.)
Blue/Green = calm. While I have no real examples of this, what I've heard is that people in a blue or green room are less likely to get agressive than in red room.
Yellow = happy, bright, sunny. Looking at yellow generally puts people in better mood, while blue is nice if you want to calm someone, if you want to cheer them up, yellow is better.
Black = despair, or sadness. Often times in literature, when someone is depressed, the narrative mentions them sinking into blackness, or darkness.
White = Neutral or blank....self explanatory, I think.

Well, those are the basic colors, if anyone can think of particular feelings associated with any of the other colors, it would be much appreciated.