Friday, June 06, 2008


The minion chatted away while fixing up his evil master's lab for the hero to be tortured. Finally his master sighed, grabbed his ear, very painfully, and said, "You know vhat I vant? I vant you to SHUT UP!!"

"So after following the path we reached a wide river. Before I could say anything, he went and drank from the water, and this is the result." He pointed behind him to a slack-jawed and drooling Matt. "He'll do anything you tell him to, no matter what it is. Very useful." I stared, and then slowly began to smile. Maybe it wouldn't be as hard to take over the world as I thought.

"You did WHAT?!" she yelled. "How could you have been so dumb? Now he knows everything!" She threw up her arms in disgust and turned away. "Look, I'm sorry, I tried to fight it, I really did, but have YOU ever been under a truth spell by the arch-mage?" His voice rising as he tried to fight panic and anger, and failing at both.

These are just a few snippets that flew through my brain today. I haven't read these anywhere, my mind just will randomly come up with a sentence, or even a paragraph. It's like I have a minin L-space in my head.