Monday, June 30, 2008

Prompt #1

CJ and I started a new project exercising our writer's muscles. Every day we will do a prompt. There are 1001 prompts to go through. Depending on how much i like what i've written, I may or may not put it up. THis is our first prompt. The first sentence was the prompt.

"Well if you could accuse anybody of being downright evil, it would be him." Her friend laughed and commented, “I think anyone who has ever had a boss has said that about them at one time or another.” Anna shook her head, “No, seriously, the man is like an evil genius or something, but without the genius. I swear that he just sits in that office and thinks up new ways to torture us. Have you heard of his latest idea?”
Melanie rolled her eyes, every week it was like this. Anna’s boss would come up with a new “brilliant” idea, that would usually flop, but before flopping would make all of his employees miserable. “All right, let’s hear it, what’s his plan this week?” Anna leaned across the table and lowered her voice. “He wants to try to sell real-estate on the moon.” Melanie raised her eyebrows. “Hasn’t that been tried? Last I checked the moon was not claimed by any country, never mind any one person. How on earth does he manage to stay in business when all he’s doing is coming up with these ridiculous ideas? I ask you again, why are you not looking for another job? You are always complaining about this one, you could surely find something better!”
Anna twirled her blonde hair pensively. Pursing her lips, she seemed to be thinking about what her friend said very seriously. “You know, I might just do that. I wasn’t going to say anything, but lately he has been coming on a bit strong, and I’m getting a bit uncomfortable.” “Anna! Why didn’t you say something! Isn’t there a restraining order on him?” Melanie’s usually cheerful eyes widened with shock and horror.

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