Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hurricane Season

No, I'm not talking about the Miami University team, today is the first day of hurricane season, meaning those ferocious storms of wind and rain that tear through, leaving a whole lotta mess behind 'em. Hurricane Season is from June 1st to November 30th, about 6 months of the year.
OK, well, I was going to do a checklist for y'all, but I just took a look at the one given for south florida, and I am not writing all that down. So if you're curious about what is needed to survive a hurricane, or what to have when evacuating, just check this out. We're probably going to do most of that, only if we know for sure a hurricane is coming. The last couple of years we've been very lucky, no hurricanes hit us at all! But three years ago, that was a killer. There was Hurricane Wilma, which did an insane amount of damage, there were still people that hadn't had thier roofs fixed or gotten their insurance two years later. A lot of little insurance comanies went under becuase too many people were trying to collect. The Hurricanes also continued after the season was officially over, and the hurricane center was using greek letters as names, they had run ot of the names of the alphabet! Fortunately for me, I wasn't here, I was comfortably in Isreal. The really big thing we suffered from was that the screening that had been over our pool, now fell in the pool. My mother was actually happy about that, she had been wanting to get rid of it for ages. Now she could, and it wouldn't cost her a dime! Hopefully though, this season won't be as bad as that one. Let's all pray for that!

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