Thursday, May 29, 2008

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, I just wanted to show how odd florida weather is. Where I'm sitting in my car, it's nice and sunny, but dead ahead, it looks like some serious rain.
Those Floridians that read my blog know what I'm talking about. You can literally drive/walk into a literal wall of water. Raining on one side of the street, clear on the other. On shabbos it was pouring so hard we could not see across the street. Though we have desperately needed the rain, what with the water restrictions and all. In my opinion, we need a new resevoir that will supply south florida, not just Lake Okechobee. (Which according to my family doesn't exist, becuase we went looking for it a few years ago and we never found it. So we came to the conclusion that it doesn't exist) And yes, I know, I'm babbling, but I could not for the life of me think of anything else to post about. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm for bed, before I make an even bigger fool of myself.


Mikeinmidwood said...

Some water is not from resevoires but water that they purified with chemicals. Disgusting I know, thats why I dont drink Dasani water

MAK said...

Well, when I said that, I meant that so we can water our grass again wothout worrying that we'd get a ticket for doing it on the wrong day of the week. I have no issue with chemicals, but I will not drink the tap water. From anywhere, gimme bottled water, I don't care how many chemicals are in it, I'll take over tap any day.

Anonymous said...

Florida weather is always fun. When my family first moved to Miami I remember walking out the airport into a literal wall of humidity. I've also never managed to drive in and out of rain anywhere else.

Sarah Rutti said...

I'm from up north, in Vancouver. We have clear, clean, crystal glacier water running in our taps (not, just joking) But, what ever it is, it taste a lot better then what they have down south of the lakes ;-)

I'll drink Vancouver tap water any day!
We also have crazy, fluctuating, weather like you guys though... maybe it's just the pacific?