Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Desk

A peron's desk, and all the clutter on it, can tell one alot about the person who sits at that desk. Whether it gets much use, or not, the places they've been, what they are interested in, perhaps even a few secrets revelealed. I look at my's a mess, as per usual, and I need to straghten it up again. But what do I see? I see dirt from Israel, in two little bottles, truly bottled memories, as they came from when my seminary went on a tiyul. I see a little box, closed right now, but it has a beautiful blue cover, done in asian flowers. The box contains two ivory balls, with pictures of mice upon them. A gift from my grandmother, when she still traveled the world. Beside these, I see a statue of a tiger, that I got for myself at Jungle Island not that long ago. I don't have that much in my room that shows my love of tigers...if you disregard the stuffed, plastic and glass versions of tigers that I own...*ahem* Besdide these I have a keychain with a dragon that I got while in Epcot, attached to a Jumpdrive of 2 GB, which I use to transfer things from one of our computers to the other, when the e-mail wasn't working. Beside this, I have a glass egg, with violet flowers painted on it, it opens to reveal several of my earrings, it was a gift from my father for one of my birthdays, though I don't recall which one.
I think I will continue this one another time...too many things!