Sunday, May 04, 2008

More Odd Dreams

A lot of my dreams lately have me ending up in a forest or jungle trying to either find something or escape from something (Or in one case, destroy something) . What on earth is up with that? I am not that outdoorsy, and I have not been in any forest or jungle lately. I'm also either falling down cliffs or climbing them...and I have not been anywhere near a cliff lately. Florida is cliffs, not even any real hills.
Lessee...dreams that I can recall: (not in order)
1) Trying to destroy an ancient evil artifact, but the guy whose spells we0're using are really not effective. Takes place in a jungle near a resort on a cliff (which i climb up). The evil artifact is in fact a shiny red button. Don't ask...I know a bit where the evil artifact comes from, I was reading a book with one in it before I fell asleep.

2)No jungle in this dream. I am in a floating city/a city built in the treetops, and I have my own dragon (note: my first dragon dream EVER!!!!) I want to race my dragon, but my mother won't let me, so I go to watch other dragons racing, and then my mother freaks out about my doing that. She's very overprotective. Everyone knows that, and is trying to convince her to let me race. Not working. For some reason everyone bursts into song and dance while trying to convince her. Whatever.

3)Jungle dream. I am running away from...something. No idea what, but it wants me and my friends. I go down a water fall (cliff) and end up in even more jungle. Don't remeber much of that dream.

4)The drean I posted before with the two sisters. Has mountain and forest.

5)Had a Disney dream last night. Everything was cartoonish. there was a guy with a horse's head, and the vilain was trying to take his head off, because he was convinced it was a costume.

That's all I can remember right now. Maybe I'll add more later if I can recall.