Friday, May 02, 2008

A Dream

Two sisters have lost thier mother, and are on a quest. For what, neither knows...but they each have a piece of the shawl thier mother left. One piece is yellowand purple the other is red and blue. They also each have a "familiar" onne in the shape of a cat, the other a raven. They need both to find what it is they are looking for, but do not want to work together. One sister calls for the shall and familiar to come to her. It won't come, for the other sister won't let it. "Do not call what is not yours, or there will be grave consequences." Much later: In front of a muntain watching the sun set, the sister that called is watching the "Maiden's Hair" - aline of light that lasts for one second more after the sun sets and is seen just before the sun rises. Suddenly she looks up and in one of the trees is the other part of her mother's shawl fluttering in the breeze as well as the other familiar. She gasps, and climbs the tree to get it. "If it is here, that means my sister is dead. I never meant for that!"

That was my dream last night. Really, really odd. Anyone here interpret dreams?

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