Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Things to do in Florida

This is a guide, if you will, to things you can do, not only in south florida, but up in Tampa and Orlando as well!

South Florida:

Malls: Aventura Mall - a rather pricy, but very nice, very large mall, everyone who come down here goes there at least once.

Sunset Place Mall - a very nice mall, further south in Kendall, all outdoorsy and it always reminds me of Disney World, lots of shops, and lots of fun.

Sawgrass Mills Mall - It's a bit farther north in Plantation, it's a gigantic mall, all outlet stores, just if you go there, plan to spend the day, you MIGHT be able to go through the whole mall.

Random Fun Places:

Everglades - pretty much anyone who comes down here wants to see the Everglades with the alligators and the cougars and all that fun stuff. Here's a hint: do NOT go during the summer, unless you want to be eaten alive by bugs. The airboats are fun, and the alligators are cool.

Butterfly World - I haven't been there in years, so I might be going on outdated infornation here.
A gigantic place full of lots and lots and lots of butterflies. That pretty much describes it.

Lion Country Safari - a type of zoo, up in West Palm Beach, but there's a place where you can drive through very slowly, where the animals are wandering free and can come up very close to your car. It's very cool, lots of fun, not just for kiddies.

Miami Seaquarium - our local aquarium,down in Key Biscayne, has lots of shows with dolphins, seals, orca. Very nice large aquariums, can watch fish and sharks and stuff bein fed. Very nice place, but very hot in the summer, so bring a lot to drink.

Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Science and Discovery- A really nice museum, up in FT. Lauderdale, has a gigantic clock outside that's run by gravity. Very cool place to spend a few hours, it also has an IMAX theater.

Jungle Island - used to be Parrot Jungle Island, but changed it's name shortly after it relocated to Miami Beach. Lots of shows with animals, lots of birds, orangutans, tigers, gigantic crocs and alligators. Occasionaly have concerts there.

Monkey Jungle - A bit like Parrot Jungle as it was before it moved, but i can't say more than that I haven't been there in years.

Northern/Central Florida:

Kennedy Space Center - Gigantic space rockets, and the history of space flight. An interesting place to spend the day.

MOSI - In my opinion, the best museum in Florida, with 5 floors of interesting stuff, and fantastic hands-on things for the kids to play with. Not just kids, anyone would love it. It has an IMAX theater as well, with a rounded screen, don't watch anything that has to do with water if you're prone to getting sea-sick.

Busch Gardens - Theme park/zoo. Roller coasters, and there is a whole lot of stuff to do. Not much that I need to say on it.

Adventure Island - Universal Studios other half, the one with all the roller coasters. I really like the roller coasters there.

Universal Studios - Not really an thrilling rides, except for some of the classics.

Disney (All four parks) - Need I say any more than that?

Downtown Disney - Shopping .

Seaworld - Aquarium/ theme park. Shamu, dolphins, rollercoasters, whales. All fun.

St. Augustine - the first established city in Florida, an intersting historical place to tour around. Er....lots of cemeteries also.

And that, I believe ends my very biased little guide of interesting things to do in florida. Enjoy the lovely "Sunshine State" (Note: Except in Summer)