Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Human beings need touch. As small babies and all through life, touch is one of the most basic needs of people. A lot of people don't realize how much touch has the power to help or harm another person. Some people say, that if you hold a baby too much, it will get spoiled. This is not true. First of all. babies need the touch to stimulate their growth, a baby not held, will not grow as well. Secondly, It builds the baby's trust in people. By holding it, you are at the deepest level, assuring it that there is safety and warmth and a place for it to come to. And we don't lose this need as we get older, we just are told to curb it, that we should not show our desire for human conact. There are people who crave to be touched, to without a word being used, be told that they are special, that they matter. Touch can convey things mere words never can. I am a very touch-oriented person. Not that I go around touching all people, or even most people. But everyday, at least once a day, I hug my mother. That might not seems like much, but it charges and energizes, both the hugger, and huggee. So go ahead, hug someone, or just touch someone, smile, and let them know that just because they are human, they are special.