Thursday, March 13, 2008

Continuation of "Another random story"

So, I guess I'll continue it anyways and see where it leads me and my readers. I like writing stories becasue sometimes when I'm writing the character will do something totally unexpected, when I wanted him/her to do otherwise, like in my story with CJ, unfortunately, one of our characters is being very frustrating right now and won't let us in her head. So that's a major. Anyways, on with the story!
" The butcher shop was small, and smelled of meat, hide, and other things I would rather not think about. When we walked in, we were greeted by one of the butcher's apprentices. I groaned, it was the gloomy one. He had a rather pessimistic view on life and had a tendency to share it with whoever walked in the door. Tell him any good thing, and he's point out all the flaws, or predict that something horrible would happen. As one would imagine, not a very cheerful person to know. "Oh, it's you. Mister Gerd is out back, he said he had something for you. It's probably not very nice." On top of it all, he had a very nasal sounding voice, which juist made me want to punch him every time he spoke. He left the room, presumably to get Mister Gerd. I looked around, the shop, trying to calculate the amount of damage I could do if left for just one hour in there. My brother, Plias, seemed to read my thoughts. He put his hand on my shoulder, "Don't even think it." "Awww. You're such a spoilsport!" At that moment Mister Gerd came in. "Ah! Plias and Sminetra! And how is your mother? Here for the usual? I just got in a beautiful hunk of meat..." he kept talking like that the entire time. I winced. I HATE being called by my full name, I prefer to be called Smina, or Smin, the only people who call me by full name are my brothers when they get mad at me, or my father. My mother never uses it, probably because she never wanted it to be my name in the first place. Soon, we were on our way, both carrying large packages of smelly meat. "Yurgh, I hate this part," I complained. Plias scowled at me. "You hush, it's your fault that we were stuck with this task."
And that's where I'll end it for now. We'll see how it progresses!