Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Random Story

This one popped into my head during Ocaenography while my teacher was doing a review. Yet another random story that pops into my head. Enjoy!

"Beyond the world's end lies your most ardent desires as well as your most desperate fears. I have been told this for as long as I can remember. When I was a small child, my mother took me to the village's shaman to have my fortune told, as was the traditon of my family. The Shaman toldher these words, and said that one day I was destined to go beyond the world's end to places where no one had ever been before. Pffft. Anyways, I had been trained for every eventuality, except, of course, for the one that actually happened. Despite the fact that I was a girl, and a rather stubborn one at that, they put me through sword training, mountain climbing, survival skills, pretty much anything they could think of. I think the one thing they forgot was that no one really knew what was beyond the world's end, so it was kind of hard to prepare for that,no matter how much training. The events that precipitated my start toward my "destiny" were a bit earlier than I think anyone expected. It was my fifteenth summer, and my mother had sent me off to the market to retrieve some meat for dinner from the butcher. Mainly though, I think it was just to get me out of her hair. I was very much a tomboy, and got into trouble pretty often. I went to town with one of my brothers who was not in my mother's good graces that day, so she had sent him to keep me on the job. We walked into the butchers store, the cowbell that was tied to the door clanging loudly, announcing our arrival for all and sundry."

To be honest I have a bit more of an outline in my head, and it's already changed from what I originally put down on paper. Let me know if you think it's worth continuing. I may keep putting up installments.


SEP said...

Oh, I like this story. BTW, I'm Sarah Rutti's friend. Anyways, if you continue the story, I would love to read it.