Monday, March 24, 2008

Slightly Frustrating Day

Most of today went up on time, went to class, came home, took my brother from school home (no work today, his "work" was closed for a purim carnival), went to gym....whatever. All good. Then I had to go to Ocenagraphy Lab. First I accidentally get off the highway at the wrong exit, sending me in the completely opposite direction, toward one of my college's other campuses, that I also take classes at. So, I decide to go on one of the main roads, to get back on the highway. So I do so, one problem, it completely takes me past the exit I had needed to get off at. So I get off at the next exit up, head to another main road, and finally get to the campus, and I'm only a couple of minutes late. Still, the whole "going around in circles" thing was a bit annoying, and I was kicking myself the entire time for having gone in the wrong direction in the first place. Class ends early, yay, I leave. Ok, fast forward a bit. I get home. Find the kitten on my brothers shtender looking up at something on the curtain railing. I think, "Gee, that's unusual, she never goes up there. What's she looking at?" So I look up, and there on the curtain railing is Baby Bird. Somehow, not entirely sure how, he managed to get out of his cage, and had apparently been flying around a bit to avoid the cats. *sigh* I locked up all the other animals in the family room, while I captured Baby, and tried to put him back in his cage. Capturing him was relatively easy, he flew right into the net, however, he did not want to go into his cage. He finally did go, and I paper-clipped shut his food and water dish openings, since I think that's the only way he could have gotten out. A rather frustrating time all told. I can't wait for shabbos.


Sarah Rutti said...

Wow, that's pretty eventful. I hope you had a great, relaxing shabbat!