Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fun Day

I did my mother a favor yesterday and took one of her teachers and four boys down to the Metro Zoo. Fortunately I was just the driver and was not required to supervise them as well. So I was able to go throught the zoo at my own pace, and do whatever I felt like. So I wandered the entire zoo, got wet from the rainshowers, but that was good, because it was a bit humid, and I took tons of pictures. Many of them of tigers (no big surprise there) Went around on the tram twice because it still wasn't time to meet them back by the exit, and then we left. Later I went to the BY production, ansd sat with the rebetzin who was intsrumental in my family's becoming frum, and some other women. The play was pretty good, though fairly predictable (we are talking BY after all) and there were some cute parts. All in all, a fairly good day. Will put up pictures from the zoo once I upload my camera on the computer.


Sarah Rutti said...

That's great! Vancouver doesn't have a zoo, it's hard to get to and out of town. I'm happy you were able to go out and am anxious to see the pictures.