Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Beach

I went to the beach yesterday, after dropping off my brother at a Segway place. It was pretty fun, considering I haven't been to the beach in at least 6 months. I walked along in the sand, ruined my shoes and almost fell in the water a couple of times. The beach was STEEP. No one actaully went into the water because the purple flag was up, which meant there were "dangerous marine animals". I got to take some photos, and I'll put some up. Enjoy!


Sarah Rutti said...

I love the bird prints. Thanks for sharing. I think I should go down to our beach. But it's freezing down there hummmmmm

Jacob Da Jew said...

Nice , ahem, scenery in the 3rd photo.

MAK said...

All I can say is that fortunately it was not a nude beach, though there is one of those closer to me than this one. Never been there, never wish to.