Sunday, March 09, 2008


I start school again tomorrow! I don't want to go!!! Spring Break was so nice, but it is now ending, unfortunatley. Oh well, all I have to do is tell myself just two more months of this. Just two more months. Gah. Y'know, if I could just drop two classes my life would be so much easier....but it's too late to drop 'em. Bah. Anyways, last night I went to a dinner that was honoring my mother as "Educator of the Year" and that was very nice, and she got a plaque that had been made by the kids of the school. Lots of fun, and of course I was so happy for my mom, she should be recognized for everything she does. (And she does a LOT, believe me.) Oh, I've started making dinner for our family and I haven't botched anything up yet, so yay! Completely random, I know, I'm in a random mood. There was something else I wanted to say, but I forgot it....oh, well, I'll probably post this and only then remember it. Well, that's all for now! Ta-Ta!