Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hurricane Season

Today is the first day of Hurricane Season. So we're now on the watch for any storms shaping up on the Atlantic ocean, and ready to freak out when one starts heading our way. The only season that lasts half the year, and even when it's over isn't necessarily completely over. Three years ago, they ran out of names for the Hurricanes and started naming them for greek letters. I believe Hurricanes kept forming until sometime in December that year. (I wouldn't know for sure, because I was in Isreal that year.) But now we will get the typical list of things to do before a storm, numbers to call, the radar following a storm..etc. All I can say is I hope we're as lucky as we've been the past couple of years.


Moshe said...

Let's hope it blows over. ;-)

Mikeinmidwood said...



I would actually watch out for derachios, now thats a real storm.