Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mangos, Shopping, and Books

YAY!!! I got to eat a mango from our tree, yesterday I got one that was ripe off the tree. I LOVE mangoes, best fruit on the planet in my opinion.
I stayed overnight at my grandmother's, even though I'll be seeing on her on Sunday for Mother's Day. I got another one of Robert Asprin's books, and I went shirt shopping since I didn't have any light shirts to wear this summer. And now I am sick of shopping, I don't have that much patience with it to begin with. The most time I can spend in a store/mall is an hour, then I get very antsy and want to leave. I know, that's not what most people think of as typical for a woman, however, put me ina bookstore and I can stay there all day long....that's where my impulse buys usually are. So while I'm not likely to spend $30 on a rock, excuse me, a meteorite like Child Ish, I will spend $30 on a book by an author I like because I can't wait to read it. So unless I actually have money on me, I try to stay away from the bookstore, it's much too tempting.
Addendum: Today is the 13 Iyar, which means it's my hebrew birthday! And my English one is in 5 days. YAY!!!


Child אִישׁ Behavior said...

Happy Birthday. Mazal Tov.

Thanks for the link, even if it was used in a way that I don't wholly approve of, I like my 30 dollar rock thank you very much.

I hear you on the shopping thing, I have the same thing. In and out.

So you got the mangos down from the tree did ya? :)

Moshe said...

Mazal tov!

Your husband's gonna love you, as long as you live far from Barnes and Noble...