Sunday, May 03, 2009


Today I went shooting with my father and brother (though I was the one who did most of the shooting.) I didn't do too bad, at least I never missed the target, and I even got one shot near the bulls eye! My brother brought one of his school books that he hated, and used up a clip on that. Some guys in the shooting lane next to us saw that, laughed and said that was a great idea.
I bought a book at Border's and one of the managers rung me up. WHen he saw the title of the book, he exclaimed "I love this series!" I replied that I did too, and so for the next 10 minutes we discussed the series (Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures). After I left the store, I passed by another store, and saw graffitti written on the wall that sobered me right up. "The Party is Over, America" was written on the wall. Definite downer.
And currently I'm staring longingly at the mangos on our tree which I want very much...only problem is they're about 40 feet up in the until they come down...or we can get someone to take them down, no mangos for me. *sigh*


Moshe said...

Did I mention how much I hate you.
I want to go shooting dag namit!
Stupid NYC and stupid, good for nothing other than target practice, liberals.