Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Stupidity of Evil Villains

On shabbos CJ came over for lunch, and after lunch we were talking about random things, when for some reason, the talk turned to Harry Potter and evil villains. We came to several conclusions. First of all, I can only recall one time that American witches or wizards are mentioned in any of the books. Voldemort is supposed to be a threat to the wizarding world, correct? So why is it that all the wizards in britain are not worried say, about death eaters in the rest of the world after voldemort has died? Then there is the whole "takeing over the world" concept. In my opinion, anyone who wants to take over the world is *dumb* I mean really, really dumb. First of all, taking over the world requires that you are super smart, super rich...and you have a continents worth of lackeys who are willing to carry out your every wish. Even if you have the first two, the third is not going to happen. Ok, let's say you overcome this with a mind-control something-or-other, right? Ok, you've managed to conquer the world, what? Mind controlled people are not very fun to torture and if you let them out from mind control, it can take just one well thought out plan by one person, and BOOM - you're history. Ok....maybe I'm thinking a little too deep into this, but still, I think any super villain is dumb, I mean how many of them think past their ultimate goal?
....I'm gonna stop babbling now, and I think I used the word 'OK' way too many times in this post.