Sunday, July 20, 2008

Going Home

Tomorrow I'm heading home, back to Florida. While I'm kinda sad, since this means I have to go back to classes, and I'm gonna miss my friends. But on the other hand, I'm going to see my famioly and all of my animals again. I've missed them! We bought 7 Toes a new collar and tag, and he liked it so much, he apparently decided that he was now an indoor kitty. So he went into the house with my mother (she didn't notice) but on her way to her bedroom, she saw that all the animals were crowded around something in the living room. It was 7 Toes, and they were all sniffing him. Mittens was apparently grwoling at him, she was not happy about this invader. 7 Toes decided that indoors was not for him and he ran out. He came back later that evening though, but he had lost the collar. Which is a bit frustrating. So we need to get him a heavier collar that doesn't come off so easily. I did a little shopping while I was in Baltimore. Got earrings and a pretty dress...and books. Of course. I had nothing to read on the flight home otherwise, I finished all the books I brought.