Sunday, July 27, 2008

Seminary Dreams

I've recently had a few dreams about going back to seminary. In the first one, I had to go back to seminary and retake all of my finals. I remember thinking in the dream, "what's the point? I've been out of seminary for two years!" In my other dream, I went back to seminary, but I forgot to pack anything! I had no clothes to change into, and I recall worrying that I had forgotten my cell-phone and my car keys at home. But I had them, and my car was there, so I went out driving with a few of my friends. Suddenly, I keep on getting cut off, I almost got into several accidents, and then I'm no longer driving my car, I'm playing a lego racing game, and I'm doing very badly, driving through walls, water, other cars... Another dream I had a while ago with seminary in it, I was in Isreal and I went to a pet store, and there were all these cute animals there, and I wanted to play with them. I have no idea why seminary is invading my dreams, but I'd like this to stop!