Thursday, September 18, 2008

Prompt 13: "I had the weirdest dream about you."

“I had the weirdest dream about you last night.” Alan said with out preamble, as he walked into the kitchen. I didn’t even look up from the newspaper in front of me, as I spooned cereal into my mouth as fast as humanly possible. His comment was not unusual, perhaps one morning a week he made that statement. I swallowed my last bite of cereal, and before taking a swig of coffee, asked offhandedly, “Oh, and what was it about this time? What makes it any weirder than any of the others?”
Alan had shuffled around to the coffeemaker and poured himself a cup. His cup had a happy little leprechaun on it, jigging around with a bubble coming out of its mouth saying “Kiss me, I’m Irish!” Alan was your stereotypical Irishman, a towering bear of a man, with unruly red hair, and forest green eyes, that lightened or darkened with his mood. This morning, they were light with cheer, a good thing as far as I was concerned. He sat down at the table, his immense size dwarfing the chair he sat on, as well as making the table feel a whole lot smaller. The chair creaked, I winced. I’m positive that one day that chair will one day give up the battle and deposit Alan’s bum right on the floor.
“Well, you were in the forest, like every other dream,” he began, and paused while he took a gulp from his mug. “But this time was different, this time you had a companion. It was a wolf, but not one of those little wolves around here, a real wild huge wolf, like what used to roam Ireland before people. You were dressed like a regular warrior, and you seemed to be talking to the wolf. Well, arguing more like it which is not that unlike you in real life.” He shot a quick grin at me, I smiled tightly back. “We Irish might be known for our tempers but you, Sean, you take the cake!” I nodded at him, and gestured with my spoon for him to go on with the dream. It was always considered wise to hear other’s dreams about you. He took another gulp of his coffee, and went on. “Well, finally the wolf gave in, and he led you to a cliff that overlooked a port town. Nothing like what’s around nowadays, a real old-fashioned place this was, y’know dirty and smelly and all that. Anyways, you went down, but when you got into the town, the people looked…different. They all looked like animals! Fur, tails, the whole nine yards, but they all walked about on their hind legs, and went about human business like it was perfectly normal. Suddenly, I see that you too look like that, still dressed the same, but now you look like a wolf, the same wolf that was your companion earlier. After that, ypu charted a boat, and seemed to prepare for a long voyage. At that point, I woke up.” He leaned back, a speculative look in his eye, “I wonder what that dream meant…”


Child Ish Behavior said...

Wow. very cool.

Moshe said...

For some reason, this reminded of, I believe, a trilogy I read a while back. It's about a guy in a post-apocalyptic world and his wolf companion. I remember the book was very thick. I may still have it. Gotta check.

frumcollegegirl said...