Thursday, September 04, 2008

I Miss...I Treasure

I miss....coming home to a happy face, and wagging tail.
I miss....old friends.
I miss....seeing the old city of yerushalayim.
I miss....praying at the kotel.
I miss....when the world was simple.
I miss....staying up late to laugh with my friends.
I miss....when my imagination was unlimited, and I could do or be anything I wanted.
I miss....the joy that a simple touch could bring.
But Life goes on.
I treasure.....the memory of that happy face and wagging tail.
I treasure.....memories of old friends, and the new ones I've made.
I treasure.....the rembrarnce of seeing the old city at dawn
I treasure.....the hope that I'll be there again some day.
I memories of a simple world.
I treasure.....the chances I got to be with my friends.
I ability to dream, and be unlimited once more.
I treasure.....the joy that comes from holding tight to a friend.
And Life goes on.


Anonymous said...

Aye, dont we all?