Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flying in Dreams

Last night I dreamt that I flew to my friends house. I love flying dreams...except for the factr that in this one I had to flap my arms to get into the air and fly. I'm sorry, but that just is not cool. It looks incredibly dumb, as a matter of fact. But, hey, at least I flew, and barely managed to avoid crashing into several trees and a building. My flying skills need work apparently.


Moshe said...

I usually have ninja gliding dreams. One time had a flying dream where I had to freaking flap my ears to fly! No, it wasn't after watching dumbo.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Where do you get cool dreams. the best ones I have are speeding down the streets dodging cars and not getting arrested.

Moshe said...

That's it?! I get martial arts, killing people, sci-fi. Though nightmares pretty messed up, always it's an hour before shabbat, no food, stores closed, guests coming and me going insane.

One fun dream. I come to Chinese dry cleaners. The woman there acting weird. Turns out Chinese mafia is there for some reason messing the place up. Well, I need my dry cleaning and laundry so I get a pair of scissors and stab one of teh bastards to death.

Another one, and this makes absolutely no sense, was chasing one of my friends around the house with an uzi.

MAK said...

Moshe: You also have some odd dreams... but very funny!
Mike: I just have a REALLY active imagination.
I've been told I should write down all of my dreams and then have it published...I don't know about the being published part, but I do try to write down my dreams.

frumcollegegirl said...

i've had dreams that i'm falling down the stairs...i've woken up from that one with my fists so tightly clenched that i have marks in my palms from my nails digging in...but usually i'm so bombed when my head hits the pillow that i don't dream