Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rant: Florida Drivers

I know I have ranted about this before, but I feel there are a couple of things that cannot be stressed enough. 1) Turn signals: they are on the car for a reason! Use them! And when you don't use them, don't be surprised that people aren't letting you in the lane, and are in your blind spot! Which leads me to: 2) Watch where you are going!!!! There are other cars on the road, and other people are in these cars, we are not mind readers, we can't tell what your intentions are! So please, use your turn signals, be aware of what's around you, and there will be far fewer close calls and far less accidents!

I spent some "quality time" with my brother today for three hours, I had to take him down for a doctor's appt. For 2 hours and 10 minutes of those three hours, he drove me absoulutely bonkers. The rest of the time? He was asleep, or in the doctor's office. So, as a result of this "quality time" my temper is a little frayed, hence; the rant. On the other hand, today I had my final and I am now done with Algebra! Whoot!


frumpunk said...

Ha, Florida drivers! I once read somewhere that Miami was rated as the third worst place to drive, behind New York and Boston. Well I learned to drive there so I guess I can handle anywhere. We also had the worst driving test which is probably linked to the bad driving. To get my liscense all I had to do was drive around the BJ's parking lot, park between two cones, back up 100 feet without crossing an imaginary line and stop at a single stop sign. I hear in other places they test you by making you drive on the road. Not in Miami.

(Btw, whenenver you comment on my blog you make the same misspelling of your blog that leads to an invalid page. I correct it for you every time, but make a note to watch it. You type "")

MAK said...

On my driver's test, I "drove on the road" for about 500 feet. There's also no paralell parking on the test, which in a way is a good thing, or I would likely have failed. Oh, and yes, if you can drive in Florida, you can drive pretty much anywhere.

frumpunk said...

Right, I still cant parallel park which is why I try never to park on Colins or anywhere busy in Miami Beach. Forget about driving in New York. You need to parallel park everywhere.