Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Prompt 10:

Prompt 10: A dentist is stabbed while he waits in line at the movies.
Mike Router stood in line at the movie ticket kiosk, and tapped his foot impatiently. This was taking forever! All he wanted was to sit in the nice, quiet, cool theater, watch a movie and just zone out and forget about life for awhile. Especially forget about work. Being a dentist was not an easy job, and he would be happy not to look at any more teeth for the rest of the day, more like for the rest of the month, but that wasn’t going to happen. He would settle for just a few hours of peace and mindlessness.
“Hey buddy! Could you spare a few?” Mike turned around and was immediately overwhelmed by a repulsive odor, rolling off the man that stood in front of him. The man had an unlovely smile on his worn face, and held out his hand in supplement. He wore tattered clothes that had obviously seen better days, and his skin was dirty and oily. His eyes were small and beady, as well as shifty, and all in all, he rather reminded Mike of one of the rats that wandered the sewers of the city.
“Well, I guess a few wouldn’t hurt.” Mike reached into his pocket and pulled out a few dollar bills. “Here ya go, five dollars. You could get a foot-long sub at Subway for that.” He grinned and turned back around to face the line. As he turned he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his side. He looked down and saw a knife sticking out of his abdomen, blood dripping down his shirt. “Sorry bud,” he heard, before he blacked out, “but I really need the money.”