Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have mentioned that Discworld is one of my favorite series. Anyone who can guess three of the reasons I like it get a cookie. (Hint: they're all in my bio) I've read almost all the books (except for ones not readily available at bookstores or our library) and I brought about half my Discworld collection to sem with me. I introduced several people at sem to the series, and shared my books. Now, I'm just waiting, like every other Pratchett fan for the next books, or the next movie, to come out. I know that there are other Discworld fans that read my blog, so a couple of quick questions: Favorite book? Favorite Sub-series (Watch, Witches, Death, Rincewind) ?Favorite characters (even though, yes, it is so very hard to pick)? Oh, and finally, which book would you like to see be made into a movie next?


EndOfWorld said...

Woohoo! *slaps high five*

Let's see-favorite book. I happen to think that Prachette gets better and better with each book. I used to love Wyrd Sisters, but now I'm addicted to the watch series. Which, coincidently, brings us to the next question. I love the witches and watch one. I found Rincewind to be slightly pathetic and Death to be slightly creepy.

I actually just finished reading "only you can save mankind" (or something along those lines). It was amazing. While it wasnt Discworld amazing, it's great. Highly recommend, especially for those who are anti-Iraq war

Moshe said...

Let's see, Twoflower imagining a dragon to life, the wizards and the monks with their procrastinators?

Fav book and the one I recommend to all first time readers, Monstrous Regiment. Fav sub-series, Death and the Watch. Many fav characters but Death, Death of rats, Susan, Angua, the rest of the watch are definitely at the top.

Btw, I bought "Where's My Cow?" for my 2 and half year old son, he loves it. Especially the sheep, baaa, and "Haaaak! Gack! Ptui!" Coffin' Henry.

EndOfWorld said...

I saw that they're coming out with a Discworld comic book. I started flipping through it online. Disappointing. The patrician is so much creepier in my head than in the drawing.

Moshe said...

The drawings in Where's My Cow are also somewhat meh. The actors in the movies, however, are very well picked.

MAK said...

Moshe: the one reason you missed is: talking animals! Actually, animal, since I think Gaspode is the only one (OTher than in Moving Pictures)I've flipped through Where's My Cow, doesn't impress me enough to buy it.
EOW: I actually own the comic book version, though I have yet to finish looking at it (I bought it a month ago) I agree, the characters don't look as good. One place where I have seen some of them drawn well however is on Some very well done versions over there,.

EndOfWorld said...

Instead of a "movie" you should've said 'talking pictures.' :)