Thursday, February 14, 2008

What to Post About?

I know I have not updated in a week, but to be honest, there isn't that much to post about. I had a stats test this evening, which went ok, not entirely sure how I did, but whatever. I have a paper that's due in 4 days, I have another paper due the 26, I have other tests coming up in the next couple of weeks, and I left my camera at a wedding. Fortunately a friend saw it and called me, but I haven't had time to go to her home and get it. What brother is taking his driver's license test tomorrow, which is exciting. Course, he has no car of his own, but if he needs to go somewhere, now he can borrow a car, for a short while. Oh, and I decided I hate driving down to Miami Beach on Valentine's Day, add that on my list of holidays not to drive down to the beach. The others are: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, several days before Christmas, the day before Thankgiving....I think you get my point. Lots and lots of traffic. Feh. Oh! I almost forgot! I'm seeing my aunt (my mother's sister) on Sunday! She's coming down here because she's in a play. What play? Not the slightest clue, all I know is she's in a play. I'm just excited that I get to see her because I haven't seen her in years, the last time she was down here with my cousin, I was in Isreal and so, of course, I did not get to see them. I don't really have anything else to say now, except it will hopefully not be another week before I post again.