Thursday, February 21, 2008


Some make you laugh, others make you cry, but what are we without them? I was looking through my pictures from seminary, some of which were very random, others made me laugh from remembering. For example, one of the pictures is of two of my roomies sleeping, and I started laughing because I recalled that one of the girls cellphone would always ring early in the morning. She somehow slept right through it. Come to think of it, so did all of my other roomies, I would wake up and lie there thinking "Answer it already, so I can go back to sleep!" Fun times. Another picture of my roomies, brings back memories of a particular clean up night when two of them pretended to be russian cleaning ladies, and had a blast. Another cleaning night when the girls of my dira swept all the garbage into a pile in the main apartment, and danced around it like a bonfire. Another picture, showing my bed and the posters on the wall (showing animals of course) also showing my roomies scarves hanging from my bed. Made a lovely curtain.
Sometimes it's good to just take out some photos and take a stroll down memory lane.


Sarah Rutti said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I really need to do that. I was showing some kids I babysit my old high school pictures, boy did that bring back memories!