Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On To A Completely Different Topic

Today was pretty interesting, I went out with my brother for lunch, just the two of us, and we have not done that in a while, despite the fact I see him every day, and I almost got towed. Or so I was informed by a man whose car I had parked behind. See, the problem is the restraunt that we went to does not have all that many parking spaces and so you have to be rather creative about finding one. Or, you can park several blocks away, which I was loathe to do. So I parked behind the store, where it was a towing zone, however, I place the blame on my brother, because he said there wasn' room to get a tow truck in there. In any case, we parked we went inside and ate, we came back outside and in the process of my brother trying to talk me through backing out while not crashing into the truck, first the truck driver said he would move, because i probably wouldn't make it, and then the other guy came over and said he was gonna have me towed, to which I assured him (at least three times) that I was TRYING to leave. In any case, my brother got back in the car and said he felt like an idiot, and I finally got out of the oarking lot and the rest of the day went normally. Interesting day, no?


Sarah Rutti said...

Well, I'm glad you didn't get towed and had a good time with your bro. I hope you're have a great week!~